House surveys — the different types and costs

House surveys —  the different types and costs

What is a survey?

Before purchasing a house, it is worth doing an expert assessment. Specialists who know everything about the sale of residential premises can do this job. Not every specialist can make an expert assessment, because such right is given only to inspectors of several associations:


  • RICS (Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors);
  • Sava (Association of Residential Property Appraisers);
  • RPSA (Residential Property Appraisers Association).

Experts offer several grading levels, and responsible employees of Scott James will help you determine which one is right for you.

Types of house survey

Buying residential real estate involves many risks, so every buyer should use the appraisal service. Several approaches are used to assess the condition, and they are divided into three main levels:


  1. Status report. This is perhaps the simplest level of assessment. Surface check is suitable for relatively new homes.
  2. Homebuyer report. This report will allow you to form an opinion on the condition of the living area at a deeper level. As a result, the buyer will get recommendations on how to remove the discovered deficiencies.
  3. Construction report. In this case, a surveyor is involved, not just an inspector. This type of reporting is required in case of purchasing an old house that was built more than 50 years ago.

Each type of survey is carried out by experienced experts, so their assessment is undeniable.

RICS condition report

The expert checks all the important points so that the buyer is confident in the safety of the house. The condition report highlights potential risks, legal issues and major defects. However, a detailed consideration of the shortcomings is not worth waiting for, since this is not included in the services.

The papers will help you assess the property’s condition and familiarize yourself with safety assessments. For this purpose, your report will have special marks following the model of traffic light. The obtained data is sufficient to confirm that your house is in good condition.

Homebuyer Report

The expert writes all the found deficiencies in the papers, including high humidity, dampness, the need for repairs and much more. You should understand that the appraiser will be able to identify only superficial flaws in residential real estate. We are not talking about a deep assessment.

The appraiser examines the house and reports the problems found. In some cases, you get recommendations regarding the elimination of house defects. Often they recommend you sash windows repair Suffolk, since these defects often cause other ones.

Sava home condition survey

The report contains all information about the condition of the house, as well as recommendations for repair and maintenance. Additionally, you get papers with a preliminary estimate of the timing and cost of eliminating deficiencies. In order to highlight problems, pictures are attached to your report.

The expert also indicates possible legal problems that you need to clarify with the seller. Thus, it is possible to obtain a detailed assessment and protect yourself from buying distressed real estate. You can use your building survey report for price reduction and preliminary budgeting.

Do you need to get a survey?

This question worries a huge number of buyers. The answer is unequivocal: yes. This is due to the fact that a preliminary assessment allows you to get a complete picture of the property. Recommendations for repairs or lack of safety of the structure may be a reason to search for another house.

If you make sure that the object of your interest doesn’t have any serious problems, the deal becomes really profitable. Use reports to reduce the price, conclude an agreement on repairs before signing a contract for the sale and mortgage valuation.